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Install this add-on the same way as you would any other KMP installer!


  • Wow This Modpack Is AMAZING! I Love It!
    - eeic
  • I love KMP because it is extremely flexible and easy to use!
    - Ulenran
  • I love Kovacics mod pack. It has been months since I have installed a mod manualy.
    - kayotic humor
  • This Mod Pack Is the best pack I ever had even better than Tekkit or Technic launchers. I've had so much fun with this pack especially when you added the awesome addons so thank you for you wonderful work!
    - CaptainSkyVenom
  • Fantastic! If you are new to modding and don't understand how to install mods then this is for you, buts its also for experienced people since it has a huge amount of mods.
    - Jason
  • This is the best thing to ever happen to Minecraft! Liked and subbed!
    - benchwarmer108
  • I love the mod pack it is really awesome just my computer isn't that great with mods. I really like Minecraft comes alive. Other than that it is in my number 1 Favorite mod packs. It was really hard installing a mod myself. Thank you Kovacic.
    - Afirakistan