Jammy Furniture Add-On

Jammy Furniture adds over 20 new pieces of furniture minecraft to further decorate your dream home.

Windows & Mac

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September 04, 2013


Install this add-on the same way as you would any other KMP installer!


  • I love KMP because it is extremely flexible and easy to use!
    - Ulenran
  • I just wanted to thank you for making installing mods a less lengthy process. Hope this gets more attention!
    - destituodaemonis
  • You're amazing dude! Thanks SOO much from all the Minecraft Community
    - TheSarcasmSentiment
  • I really enjoy Kovacic's Mod Pack! :) So much better than the TechnicLauncher because it's so customisable!
    - J-L McDonald
  • No bugs, no black screens, worked the first time around and was super easy. You're the man and thank you!
    - villustration
  • Kovacic you're the best my brother gave me this mod pack for my birthday so thanks for all the mods keep up the good work! =D
    - mdgcreeper
  • Lag-Free, Totally customisable, and one of the only ways I can mod with my Mac, Kovacic's Mod Pack is one of the best, if not THE best mod pack out there!
    - SaveTheSaplings