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Install this add-on the same way as you would any other KMP installer!


  • For anyone else in my position - look no further than this fantastic easy self installing mod loader. Very happy 6 year old tonight xmas eve 2012
    - klytusxu1
  • Thanks for the best modpack ever!
    - lugizz
  • I was searching how to install mods easily and none of the other installers put ONLY the mods into my client. KMP is so easy to use and so Kovacic LISTENS to what we suggest!
    - nagthrod
  • This mod pack was very well thought out and easy to use! Kovacic is the only mod installer pack that I use today. More user growth will be seen to you, Kovacic!
    - SiegeingGamer
  • Well, thanks to Kovacic's Mod Pack, I can play with mods! I really appreciate that Kovacic spent his spare time doing what he can to make a Mod Pack!
    - OMGPingu
  • No bugs, no black screens, worked the first time around and was super easy. You're the man and thank you!
    - villustration
  • Download this if you didn't understand how to install mods, this is the best mod pack ever!
    - Jupiter anton