Mo' Creatures Add-On

Mo' Creatures adds over 30 new mobs to minecraft including ogres, horses, and even the occasional bunny rabbit.

Windows & Mac

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Install this add-on the same way as you would any other KMP installer!


  • I love Kovacics mod pack. It has been months since I have installed a mod manualy.
    - kayotic humor
  • This is the best mod pack I've ever used. I'm glad it works on MinecraftSP :)
    - thismagic11
  • Fantastic! If you are new to modding and don't understand how to install mods then this is for you, buts its also for experienced people since it has a huge amount of mods.
    - Jason
  • Thanks for the best modpack ever!
    - lugizz
  • It is this modpack that kept me playing minecraft. Thank you!
    - Anonymous999999
  • I love KMP because it is extremely flexible and easy to use!
    - Ulenran
  • Really great installer for new modders, really great mods you picked out Kovacic :)
    - Warmacine_342