Kovacic's Mod Pack (KMP) is the latest, greatest, and fastest option to install mods on your Minecraft game! Containing over 30 separate installers, you can pick and choose between the mods you want, and leave out the rest. It is always the first pack to be updated and one of the only packs that works for cracked launchers!


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April 05, 2013

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  • This Mod Pack gives you so many choices. You can install, uninstall mods or even renew your Minecraft game at a click of a button, without bugs! It's amazing!
    - Jampot123
  • Wow This Modpack Is AMAZING! I Love It!
    - eeic
  • Thanks for the best modpack ever!
    - lugizz
  • Your pack uses great mods that are really fun + the automatic installer works beautifully + being able to use it with Macs makes it the BEST MOD PACK OUT THERE!!!!!!
    - Wolves4me
  • Its a Awesome Mod Pack! Keep Up the good work!
    - Preyus7
  • For anyone else in my position - look no further than this fantastic easy self installing mod loader. Very happy 6 year old tonight xmas eve 2012
    - klytusxu1
  • This is the best mod pack ever!
    - attitatti


Some mods are just too large (or too awesome) to fit in the main mod pack. Download a few Add-Ons for an even better Minecraft experience!

Old Downloads

Have an older version of Minecraft? We've got old KMP builds! Check out the archives page for a complete list of old versions available.