Over 30 mods, maps, and texture packs to choose from. The fastest Minecraft mod installation you will ever experience. Over 2 million downloads can't be wrong.

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What is Kovacic's Mod Pack?

A better question would be: what isn't it? Kovacic's Mod Pack (KMP) is a full featured Minecraft installer, with over 30 mods, maps, and textures packs to choose from. Dynamic mod lists, 2 minute installations, and simple customizations are all part of the KMP experience.

As soon as you download, you're given access to more mods than you could ever possibly use. And on the rare chance that doesn't satisfy you, KMP allows you to add your own personailized and custom mods into your Minecraft game. With so much potential, KMP is truly the ultimate Minecraft toolkit.

What do I do first?

Downloading Kovacic's Mod Pack for either Mac or Windows would be a good start.

Older Downloads

For various reasons, you may want an older version of Kovacic's Mod Pack. Luckily for you we have a list of all our past releases, which can be found on the Archives Page.